Tuesday, April 1, 2008

View From I-90 Bike Tunnel

I snapped this pic on my ride home last week.

Lovin' the single!

So this weekend the crew met up at Seward park Sat morning. We started with a short run at a good clip, B and I averaged a little under 8 mi/mile we then changed quickly changed and hopped on our bikes. With the weather still suspect and snow looming on the forecast B and I opted to roll the singles the girls were on road bikes. We road across 90 and did a loop around Mercer Island and the weather was nice so we decided to continue on and do the South Lake WA route to Seward. B and I were both cruising on the single and felt strong. We decided at some point in the near future we would like to try the ride across america on singles :). As we got down into Renton and were rounding the airport things got interesting when Mac tried to take on a cop car and lost. She was OK and hopped back on the box and finished the ride. The last few miles brought the rain though. But it was a great brick.

Sun B and I spent most of the day servicing the bikes which is always fun :)

Mon was opening day at the ballpark so I did not get any training in but did ride in this morning in the cold and fog :) Hopefully the weather is going to start improving.