Sunday, March 23, 2008

The 2008 Season Begins!

So this last week things started kicking up a notch, starting with last weekend. A group of us went for a 40 mi ride around N Lake WA. It was kind of a crummy cold wet day so most of us were on our rain bikes. I took the new/old Bianchi Eros out for it's maiden voyage. It's my latest bike acquisition :) a beautiful candy red 1997 steel Bianchi Eros, all campy 8 spd which I have tuned and added fenders to to serve as my training bike. Bman decided to ride his single which at first everyone though would be the anchor of the crew.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA anyway. It was a good ride but I need to get in shape B kicked my ass up every hill on his single, that doesn't sit well with Crampy LOL so I decided to do something about it. I started commuting into work the long way on the Lemond Single. It is a great ride, about 16-17 miles and so far is taking me about an 1:10 but that will change ;) I switched from 45:18 to 45:17 and think I am going to give 45:16 a shot this week. Thur's ride home had to be the worst weather I have ever ridden in though, it started to rain lightly as I left the office and only got worse and worse as I climbed up Dearborne. I saw Mac's brother Kelly on the Rainer intersection. By the time I got out of the I-90 tunnel and dropped down on the bridge it was hailing... yes hailing. Oh well it was better than working :) Last Sun I did the Henrys St. Pattys Day Dash 5k (3.5 mi this year). It started out raining but by the time Bri and I got to the start line it had cleared up. With my knee I had no idea how the run was going to go so I didn't line up on the front line like usual LOL. But after the first mile at 6:20 I felt pretty good and just ran by feel not the watch. All said and done I managed to average a 6:15 and place 150th overall out of 15,000+ so not a bad day.

This weekend Bman and I too the track class at the velodrome, and man am I hooked, building the new bike now! We are going to have tons of fun this summer racing. Today I did a 9 mile run around the Phantom Lake loop averaging about a 7:50 mile without working too hard so feeling good on the run and no knee soreness!!!!

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